Tripods, Monopods, Heads  Mini Tripods & Accessories

Manfrotto Tripods

MT190X3 body
Twist lock legs, closed length: 23 in. maximum height: 63 in.
Weight: 70.5 oz

MT055PRO3 body
Twist lock legs, closed length: 24 in., maximum height: 70.1 in.
Weight: 4.63 lbs.

Befree GT Aluminum Tripod
ith Ball Head

Load Capacity 22 lbs
Max Height 64.6"
Folder Length 16.9"

Leg Sections 4


ProMaster Tripods

Promaster Tripod Bags
Rugged Cordura nylon
$24.99 - $39.99

ProMaster Specialist Tripods

Engineered for the discerning photographer

Compact when closed but generously tall when opened it's a pleasure to use at eye level. Red colored touch points are easy to see and operate even in low light. Innovative PROlocks allow for quick opening and powerful closing of leg sections. Threaded connection ports work with a variety of accessories and ProMaster's dovetail quick release system is a fast and secure way of attaching your camera (Arca-Swiss compatible).

                        Min          Max             Material             lbs.

SP425K         23.1"        55.6"          Aluminum           4.6lbs.      $219.99

SP528K         23.8"        80.6"          Aluminum           5.7lbs.      $259.99

SP532K         24.5"        84.5"          Aluminum           6.5lbs.      $299.99



ProMaster  CT75K Cine

Shoot steady video with smooth, professional-looking pans and tilts. Industry-standard 75mm bowl system. Twist the handle and move the head around until you find a level position.

Min. Height 31.62"
Max. Height 71.25"
Weight 10 lb

ProMaster  XC522
Professional XC series tripods are lightweight
They are the ideal choice for backpackers,

nature and wildlife photographers,

photojournalists, or any other photographer

where the size of their gear matters.
Min. Height 6.4"
Max. Height 49"
Weight 1 lb 14 oz

Vanguard Tripods

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100

Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 4-Sec. Alum.

Tripod with SBH-100 Ball Head 

  • Central column from 0 to 180 deg.

  • Legs angle adjust

  • Smooth fluid-like ball head

  • Enables low-angle photography

  • Outstanding loading capacity


Vanguard 204AB 100

Dedicated to photographers who travel

  • Rapid column rotation for compact transportation and instant set up

  • High loading performance

  • Includes a smooth ball head

  • 4 sec. alum. legs with 3 different

  • angle options

  • Extra low angle photography option

  • Soft rubber handle for easy grip

  • in any weather


Mini Tripods

GorillaPod 3K Stand

For DSLR Cameras

Including Telephoto Lens

Body $49.99
3K w/ball head  $79.99

GorillaPod 1K Stand

For Point & Shoot



BallHead 1K

Ball Head for 

Compact Cameras


Tripod Heads

Vanguard TBH-300
With quick release plate.

Manfrotto Junior Geared Head

ProMaster L-Bracket
Switch between Horz. and Vert.

Vanguard TBH-100
With quick release plate

ProMaster Pistol Grip Ball Head
With quick release plate
$39.99  #3235

Manfrotto 498 RC2

Bigger size, lightweight with quick release. Weight 1.34lbs
Plate PL200



Maximum Working Height: 62.99''
Weight: 22.6 oz
3-Section aluminum leg


Suiri P306

Maximum Working Height: 60.6''
Folded Length 15"
Monopod Weight: 2.2 lbs.


ProMaster MP528

Maximum Working Height: 63''
Folded Length: 17 ½''
Monopod Weight: 17.6 oz
28mm 5-Section aluminum leg

ProMaster MP528 w/ Ball Head

Maximum Working Height: 63''
Folded Length: 17 ½''
Monopod Weight: 17.6 oz
28mm 5-Section aluminum leg

ProMaster MPV432+

Maximum Working Height: 67.25''
Folded Length 22"
Monopod Weight: 1 lbs 14oz


Video Heads

Manfrotto Pro Video Head

Promaster Video Head

Promaster Video Head
2 way fluid action with dual tension adjustment
Quick release plate

$199.99  #3746

Misc. Mounts

Manfrotto Super Clamp
With short stud (#307)
Weight: .9 lbs.

$36.99  #2909

Manfrotto Double Ball Tilt Head
With umbrella holder
Weight: 1.1 lbs.


Manfrotto Monopod Tilt Head
With quick release (234RC)
Weight: .6 lbs.


Manfrotto Monopod Tilt Head
Weight: .6 lbs.

Misc Accessories

Manfrotto Tripod Parts     

R190,323 leg collar (3001N)  $19.99   

R055,306 tooth & spring (3021)  $9.99   

R055,111 upper leg lock  $19.99   

R190,321 rubber foot (3)  $7.99   

190-392 Discontinued   

R055,399 lower leg lock (055DBX)  $19.99   

R055,69 Leg lock 25/20 055D; 055DB; 055XDB; 190D; 90DB; 190XDB  $19.99   

R055,324N lever & screws Assy (3021)  $9.99   

Misc. Tripod Accessories

037 short stud (brass)  $6.99   

RC2 Plate (200PL-14)  $18.99   

Manfrotto 3157N plate  $16.99   

Manfrotto Quick Change plate adapter #3296  $39.99   


Other Tripod Stuff     

Promaster Digital 3 quick release plate  $8.99   

Studio Ball Large knob  $25.99   

QR plate  $19.99   

Vanquard QS-39 quick release plate  $16.99   

Velbon QB-6RL plate  $17.99   

Tripod Reducer Bushings  $2.99 

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