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Shooting Indoor Sports

Set Your ISO to 1600 or Higher

The higher the ISO the more sensitive your camera will be to light. Also the "noise" in the image will be greater.


Set Your Camera To Manual Mode

Setting your camera to manual exposure mode will help achieve the correct exposure and will be more consistent.

Set Your Lens F-Stop To The Widest Opening

Select the aperture to the widest setting.

Most lenses that come with your camera can only open to f3.5 to f5.6. You may have to purchase a lens that has a larger opening such as f2.8.

Use a Gray Card Or Light Meter To Determine The Correct Exposure

Once you have the ISO set to a higher number and the f-stop is open, use a Gray Card with your internal light meter to find the correct shutter speed. Depending on the light available, hopefully your shutter speed will be fast enough to stop action. If not, select a higher ISO.





Consider using your camera in manual focus. After practice, you will get good at focusing. By manually focusing, your camera will not hesitate when taking the picture and you will be able to capture the moment you want.


A monopod
can help you hold your camera steady. It can also make it easier to pan back and forth.

A monopod supports the weigh of you camera making it easier during a long game.

Hope this helps!

Patrick Murray

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