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Flood Lighting

ProMaster Studio Reflector Kit
Ideal economical choice for those who need a basic continuous lighting setup.
The reflector is a deluxe 11'' reflector with a built-in stand adapter and umbrella holder. The porcelain socket lamp housing is suitable for use with either traditional incandescent photo flood bulbs or newer fluorescent photo floods.
Kit includes:
2 - Deluxe 11'' reflectors with porcelain housing
2 - Basic 6 1/2' light stands
Carrying Bag
(Photo flood lamps sold separately)
$149.99 (#2111)

ProMaster SystemPRO CoolLight
Uses up to 4 compact fluorescent photo flood lamps of cool color corrected light. Use as a softbox or as a reflector. 20"x27.5" (3994)

ProMaster SystemPRO CoolLight
Octagonal shape
31.5 " (3987)

ProMaster SystemPRO Deluxe Reflector
11" Reflector features a porcelain socket with an integrated stand adapter and umbrella holder.
Use with incandescent or fluorescent lamp
$29.99 (1719)

ProMaster Cool Light Lamp
Color: 5500K
About 250W output (4001)

ProMaster LED Studio Lamp
Color: 5600K Daylight Balanced
4000 lumens
50W 100-240V

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