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Photographic Films

Film prices and availability may vary. Please call for current stock.

There is a major 35mm film shortage. Please call for availability.

Color Print Films

Kokak film group .jpg

Kodak 35mm Color Print  200 24exp.

Gold 200 ISO

Ultra Max 400 ISO

Kodak Ektar 35mm Color Print Film
Ektar 100 36exp.
Ektar 120mm



Fuji 35mm Color Print Films
Fujicolor 200 24exp.

Fujicolor 200 36exp.

Fujicolor 400 24exp.

Fujicolor 400 36exp. 

Kodak Portra 35mm Color Print Films
Portra 160 36 exp.

Portra 400 36 exp. 

Portra 800 36 exp.

Kodak Portra 120mm Color Print Films

Portra 160

Portra 400 
Portra 800

Cinistill Group.jpg

CineStill 35mm Films

50D 35mm-36 

400D 35mm-36

800 Tungsten 35mm 36 exp.

CineStill 120mm Films

50D 120mm
400D 120mm

800 Tungsten 120mm

Fujicolor 35mm One Time Use Camera
QuickSnap Flash 27 exp.  

QuickSnap Waterproof  27 exp. 

Kodak Gold 200 120mm.jpg

Kodak Gold 200 ISO




Black & White Print Films

Tmax 100 400.jpg

Kodak 35mm B&W Print Films
TMax 100 36 exp.
TMax 400 36 exp. 

TMax 4x5 10 Sheets

Kodak TMax 120mm Films
TMax 100 120mm
TMax 400 120mm


We stock B&W chemistry and accessories for

film developing.

Ilford Black & White 35mm Films

Delta 100 36 exp.
HP5 400 36 exp.

FP4 125 36 exp.
XP2 400 36 exp.  (C41 process)

Pan F Plus  50 ISO

Delta 3200 


Ilford Black & White 120mm Films

Pan F Plus 50 IS)

Delta 100 

XP2 400  (C41 process)
De;ta 400

HP5 400

FP4 120

Delta 3200

Ilford 4x5 25 Sheets

64950007 bw crop.jpg

Color Slide Films

Fuji Color Slide 35mm Films
Fuji Provia 100F 36exp. 

Fuji Color Slide 120mm Films
Fuji Provia 100F

Kodak Slide Film

E100 35mm 36 exp.

E100 120mm

Kodak E100 35 120.jpg

Polariod & Fuji Instant Films

Polaroid i-Type.jpg
Fuji Instax.jpg
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