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Darkroom Supplies

Ilford B/W Papers


Ilford Multigrade IV Deluxe RC

Available in Gloss or Matt finish





Call for other sizes not listed.

Hayman Horz Small.jpg
Film Developers

Kodak D76
Makes 1 gallon Stock solution





Paper Developers

Kodak HC-110

1 Liter Concentrate

Kodak Tmax Developer

Makes 1 gallon working solution


Kodak Dektol

Paper Developer

Makes 1 gallon 

Ilford Paper Dev.jpg

Ilford Multigrade

Paper Developer

Makes 5 Liters (1+9)

Snow Small.jpg

Fixers and Stop for Film & Paper

Ilford Ilfostop.jpg

Kodak Film/Paper Fixer
Makes 1 gallon



Kodak Rapid Fix

With hardner

Makes 1 gallon for film,

makes 2 gallons for paper



Kodak Indicator Stop Bath

16oz. Stock solution



500 ml

To make 10 Liters


Other Darkroom Supplies

Kodak Photoflow 200

16oz. Stock solution


Heico Perma Wash

32oz. Stock solution


DLC Developing Tank

Unbreakable plastic developing tank for 1-35mm or 2- 120/220  film reels. Adjustable, automatic feed reel.

Light proof trap.  $39.99

Paterson Tanks and Reels

Unbreakable plastic developing tank. Adjustable, automatic feed reel for 35mm or 120mm film. Light proof trap.

Universal Tank & two Reels  $29.99

Tank hold two reels (included) set at 35mm or one reel set at 120mm.

Paterson Multi-Reel 5 Tank  $39.99

Tank holds 3 35mm or 2 120mm reels (not included)


Paterson Adjustable Reel  $10.99

Adjustable reel for 35mm or 120mm film.

Paterson Film Squeegee

Removes excess water from

the surface of newly

processed film.


Yankee Film Squeegee

Soft sponge removes excess

water from the surface of

newly processed film, 

Patterson Tray.jpg

Patterson Processing Trays

8x10, 12x16, 16x20

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