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Fine Tune Your LCD Screen

Fine Tuning Your LCD Monitor

How many times have you looked at the photos on your computer and thought that they looked darker than what your camera's LCD displayed?

Your camera LCD screen is usually set brighter than the actual exposure. You can adjust the cameras LCD brightness in the camera to better match the exposure you photographed.

I find that in most cases you need to set the cameras LCD brightness to -1 for a more accurate display.

F16 Sunny Rule When Using 100 ISO

Lens                   Digital Camera          Mechanical Camera

Aperture            Shutter Speed           Shutter Speed

f22                            1/50                            1/30

f16                          1/100                            1/60

f11                          1/200                          1/125

f8                            1/400                          1/250

f5.6                         1/800                          1/500

f4                          1/1600                        1/1000

f2.8                       1/3200                        1/2000

Use the f16 Sunny Rule to ensure a accurate exposure. Next display the image on your computer monitor. Compare the image on your camera's LCD and the computer monitor. Adjust the camera's LCD to match your computer monitor.

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