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Canvas Prints

Turn your photos into artwork!

Be Creative

Turn your photo to Black & White
Add a decorative edge color or pattern.
Order different sizes and create a wall collage.
Have more than one photo on your canvas.
Add words or phrases.


Quality Finish

Varnish protected. The varnish helps protect canvas from harmful UV light and seals the inks in the canvas to prevent water damage.  We offer this service at no charge. We use Breathing Color's Glamour II Giclee Veneer Gloss.



Since our Canvas print is wrapped around the edge, you need to allow 1.5"

extra on each side. A 16x20 Canvas would have to be 19x23 @ 300 dpi file size. 

We can help you with this. If your photo is too tight to crop then we can make a

color edge of your choice.

Let us help you!

Size                         Price                  

11x14                    $75.00                        

16x16                    $90.00 
16x20                  $105.00

18x24                  $105.00

20x24                  $110.00
20x30                  $150.00

24x36                  $185.00
30x40                  $242.00

36x48                  $317.00

Custom sizes available.

Wedding Canvas.jpg
Car Canvas.jpg

Questions?  Please call us for more info: 920-733-5885

Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for production.

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