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Camera Flash Accessories

TTL Off-Camera Remote Coiled Cord

Allows you to extend the dedicated operation of your TTL flash when using the flash off of the camera on a bracket or other accessory. Extended working distance - 59"/150cm (approx).

Nikon/Canon  $49.99

Speedlight Soft Box 24"x24"

Use your camera mounted flash to produce a soft, diffused, natural light for pleasing photos of both people and objects. The soft box folds compact and includes a carry bag for convenient storage and transport.

Includes: 24 x 24'' Soft Box, fully adjustable mounting bracket and storage case.  $99.99

6726 Flash Trigger.jpg

ProMaster Unplugged mFiring Kit

16 Channels

1/125s Max. sync speed

300 Foot range

Multi use triggering


TTL Off-Camera Remote Straight Cords Allows extended dedicated operation of the TTL flash when using the flash off of the camera. Affords maximum flexibility in flash placement.


3.5 Meter Cord  $79.99

7.0 Meter Cord  $89.99

Flash Bracket with Dovetail Mount

Adjustable flash height with anti-
twist flash mount. Pivoting flash arm keeps the flash centered over the lens for horizontal and vertical compositions.
Integrated dovetail quick release plate for use with tripods and heads using an arca-swiss style mount
$99.99 (5528)

RadioPopper Jr2
Easy, reliable triggering with remote power adjustment of flashes and strobes. (Not TTL)

Remote Power Adjustment
4 Groups
1500' Range
Jr2 Transmitter Nikon   $129.99
Jr2Transmitter Canon   $129.99

Jr2 Receiver         $129.99

Portrait Kit for Shoe Mount Flash

The ProMaster Portait Kit for Shoe Mount Flash lets you use your flash to achieve studio-quality results by directing your light exactly where you want it.

$79.99 (3928)

Stroboframe Pro-T Flash Bracket

The Pro-T is designed so that you hold the camera rather than the bracket for a easier way to photograph.

RadioPopper PX
Full wireless control over your remote flashes including HSS and iTTL/ETTL.​

High Speed Sync

1500' Range

PX Transmitter Nikon  $129.99
PX Transmitter Canon $129.99

PX Receiver         $129.99

1889 Flash Softbox.jpg

ProMaster Speedlight Softbox

Create pleasing portraits by brawdening  the light's illumination. Its internal baffle can be adjusted for softer light.

Universal fit works with most speedlights.

5"x6" Sotfbox  $24.99

7"x9" Softbox  $29.99

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