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Photographic Processing Services

Will your prints from digital
files last?
Ours will!

$5.00 Minimum online and In-Store Kiosk orders.

  Photo Prints From Digital Files
Wallets $  .39
4x6 .39
4x7 .49
5x7 2.99
8x10 5.49
8x12 6.49
11x14 $11.99
16x20 $24.99
20x24 $29.99
20x30 $39.99
24x30 $49.99
24x36 $59.99
30x40 $69.99
Add white borders at no charge.
Convert to Black & White prints at no charge.
Prints made with Kodak Royal Paper in matte or gloss.
  Color Negative / C41 Black & White Film Processing
35mm Develop & Printing
4x6 Print Size Single Prints Double Prints
24 Exposure $8.50 $10.50
36 Exposure $11.50 $13.50
White Borders No Charge
Black and White No Charge
Index Print 4x6 $1.00
CD-ROM $5.00
Process Only
35mm 24, 36 Exp. $4.00
120mm, 220mm $4.00
Reprints and Enlargements  

   $   .39

4x5 .39
4x6 .39
4x7 .49
5x5 1.99
5x7 2.99
8x8 4.99
8x10 5.49


Other Sizes
11x14 $11.99
16x20 $24.99
20x24 $29.99
20x30 $39.99
24x30 $49.99
24x36 $59.99
30x40 $69.99


Prints can be made in Color, Sepia Tone or Black & White
Kodak Royal Paper matte or gloss.
  Slide Processing
E-6 Processing
35mm 24 exp. $11.99
35mm 36 exp. $11.99
120mm $12.99
Note: Slide film is now unmounted.
Slide mounts are available in our store.
  Black & White Processing
Develop Only
35mm 24 exp. $6.99
35mm 36 exp. $6.99
B&W Reprints and Enlargements
Wallet  $   .49
4x6  .69
5x7 4.99
8x10 8.49
8x12 9.99
11x14 11.99
16x20 26.99
20x24 40.99
24x30 59.99
24x36 78.99
30x40 $85.99
Please call for other services not listed. 

Why buy from MURRAY PHOTO?

Because we do our best to fit you to the correct products for your photo style.
We donate to our local schools and non profit organizations.
We are involved in our community.
Phone: 920-733-5885       Fax: 920-733-5912    Toll Free: 877-733-5885     E-Mail:  pmurraympv@aol.com